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If you have been hurt or injured because of someone else’s negligence, Almonacy Law can help. You may be eligible for compensation for pain, suffering, medical bills and even lost wages with a personal injury lawsuit.

There might be a limited time to file a claim. That is why it is important to seek counsel by a professional persona injury lawyer. There are many types of personal injury cases we can help our clients with including car accidents, a slip and fall, a work-related accident or even wrongful death.

At Almonacy Law, we look at each case to see if you might be eligible for compensation. To schedule a free consultation with Pierre Almonacy call (908) 688-5500 or click here! Our professional team will keep you informed at each step of the process while we seek the best possible outcome for you.

From car accidents to slip and falls, our focus is assisting clients throughout the prosecution of their claim. Whether your case can be resolved through negotiation with an insurance company for a fair settlement or if the case goes to trial to litigate on your behalf, we have what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.


If you are involved in an accident and have suffered severe trauma, the mental, physical and emotional trauma will only be multiplied by trying to fight an uphill battle with an insurance company.

Hiring a professional lawyer who has experience in personal injury cases can make the difference in receiving the maximum number of damages possible. Lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other expenses affect you as well as loved ones around you. Almonacy Law will be an aggressive force in fighting for you and your settlement.


Did you know there are over a million trips to the emergency room each year? Many are slip and falls resulting in drastic consequences. Broken bones, concussions, damaged spinal cords and the like can cause long term issues and can create a huge financial burden, including medical bills and lost time at work.

Almonacy Law can review your case and determine if there were unsafe conditions as a result of a property owner, company, manager. If the conditions were unnecessarily risky, you may be eligible for compensation under New Jersey State Law.


If you have been injured on the job and cannot work, you may be eligible to receive financial damages. Talking to an expert on workplace accidents is the ideal way you can protect your interests and see if you qualify for a workers compensation claim.

Why You Need the Skilled Law Firm of Almonacy Law – Union NJ

  • We defend your rights protected by government, state and local laws
  • We help you receive maximum compensation
  • We bring justice for negligence, malpractice, ignorance or direct malice
  • We assist in filing your claims to your employer for compensation
  • We collect evidence of mental, physical or emotional suffering


Suffering the loss of a loved one can be devastating to any family. If a loved one’s life has been cut short from others negligence, you need a professional law firm like Almonacy Law to fight for your tragic loss. We can advocate for you to determine necessary payments to cover funeral expenses, medical bills, lost salary and other costs created by your loved ones passing.

There are several ways to prove that a wrongful death has occurred. The experienced team at Almonacy Law, Union NJ, will litigate the case on your behalf and help you navigate negotiations and settlements.

Professional Legal Services

There is a reason most of clients are referral based. We take pride in our clients’ referrals and are committed to providing you with professional and compassionate counsel throughout your case.

Convenient and Accessible

For your safety and convenience, we offer phone and virtual consultations as well as same-day appointments.


The team at Almonacy Law is multilingual and serves its clients in English and Spanish.

Courtroom Experience

Pierre Almonacy, ESQ., has a proven track record inside and outside the courtroom. He has vast experience handling difficult cases with successful outcomes.


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Pierre is an excellent lawyer! He helped us with our case (my husband and me), I recommend him to all the entire community. He will go above and beyond for you as he did for us.


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