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When you are facing substantial amounts of debt, the anxiety and fear can become overwhelming. However, this stress gets compounded when you are worried about getting your car or truck repossessed by the bank or leasing company. Are you being hounded by repossession companie’s trying to take away your vehicle? The possibility of relinquishing your hard-earned car or truck or another vehicle is likely to make you feel powerless.

When you do not have reliable transportation to get to and from work, your job becomes even more challenging, which in turn makes it hard to keep up with the other debts that may be piling up around you.

Using Bankruptcy to Restructure your Auto Loan

When your auto lender is constantly pestering you to pay back your loans, you may be fearful that repossession may be unavoidable. If you are already behind on your payments, where is the extra money going to come from? Thankfully Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an optimum way to get debt relief. One of the primary benefits of Chapter 13 is it greatly reduces the amount of money you must give monthly. Not only will this make the payment structure much more manageable but will allow you to restructure other loans as well.

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The moment you realize your car is in danger of being repossessed, contact Almonacy Law Firm and speak to a highly skilled repossession lawyer immediately. The sooner you can file the paperwork for an automatic stay, the less complex your case may be. Rely upon our team for support and trust.

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Pierre Almonacy, ESQ., has a proven track record inside and outside the courtroom. He has vast experience handling difficult cases with successful outcomes.


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I will forever be grateful for helping me with my immigration case. He was always very responsive, most caring attorney I've ever had to deal with. I 100% recommend him.


Pierre is an excellent lawyer! He helped us with our case (my husband and me), I recommend him to all the entire community. He will go above and beyond for you as he did for us.


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